the green growth of sheet metal fabrication industry

    CCTV's former reporter Chai Jing's "Under the Dome" series of videos has aroused people's strong concern about smog. In the face of the criticism of the public, any company and government agencies can't be alone. When we reflect on the problem, we also We should find a solution to the problem so that we can return us to a blue sky.

    Sheet metal fabrication industry is a traditional manufacturing industry. In the past, due to its lack of attention to environmental protection, under the development of many years, its environmental damage has been very great. Nowadays, all major sheet metal processing enterprises are pursuing environmental protection and are taking sustainable development. Road, but this road is just getting started. There are still many challenges in the future waiting for the sheet metal processing enterprises to overcome, but we can't retreat because of this. Only when we meet the difficulties, the sheet metal processing industry is likely to regain its new life. Create a brilliant era.

    The environmental protection road of sheet metal processing enterprises is not good. First, some old machines must be eliminated. Because the old machines have poor environmental performance and safety performance, the second is to establish a certain waste disposal system and let them abandon. Materials are effectively processed, and new technologies and processes are developed to increase the use of resources and reduce waste. Although these insignificant efforts are difficult to change the overall environment, as long as everyone sticks to it, the haze will eventually be defeated by us.

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